Attention, rappers: If you're going to name-drop Jose Canseco on your next song or freestyle, his girlfriend would really prefer if you didn't talk about steroids when you do it. On his new song, "Draft Day," Drake references several different athletes, including Johnny Manziel, Andrew Wiggins, and Canseco. And when he talks about the former MLB slugger, he does so while also making mention of steroids.

"See whatever I say goes," he raps. "I play like I'm on 'roids, no Canseco."

When Canseco's girlfriend Leila Knight heard the line that Drake decided to go with, though, she wasn't impressed. And she let him—and all of the other rappers out there—know about it on Twitter a short time ago:

To be honest, the model does have a point. Over the years, there have been quite a few rappers who have (lazily!) referenced Jose Canseco and steroids in their raps. For instance, Lil Wayne rapped, "Swagger on steroids/Canseco, Jose" on his "Grove Street Party" freestyleWale used the line, "You damn right this rap 'roids, Jose Canseco," on "Limitless." And while he didn't specifically mention steroids or PEDs on his first major hit, "Hustlin'," Rick Ross did reference Canseco snitching on other players for using them when he rapped, "Major league, who catching because I'm pitching/Jose Canseco just snitching because he's finished." 

So maybe it is time to retire the Jose Canseco references in rap. But what can we say? "Jose" and "Canseco" rhyme with too many things to retire it right now! So while we understand Knight's complaint, we don't expect the Canseco/steroids reference to stop anytime soon.


Jose Canseco has responded now, too:

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