I can't imagine how someone could possibly come back from a Jon Stewart takedown. If he devotes a Daily Show segment to tearing you apart, you may as well just pack it up. Of course, that's not going to happen to General Motors, but it still has to sting considering how rough 2014 has been. 

Last night Stewart devoted the show's opening segment to GM's recall woes. His reaction to the problems caused by the faulty ignition switches, as you can see in the photo above, was utter shock. Once he composed himself he brilliantly pointed out that the affected cars could "for no reason transform into an uncontrollable 2,500-pound, power-dead, metallic blue cannonball—satelite radio optional." But that was mild compared to what he said about GM's reaction to the defect. 

"Why fix a problem you created when you could just ask your surviving customers to get rid of all their other keys," Stewart said referring to GM's recommendation that customers avoid heavy keychains. That's what they call in Mortal Kombat a fatality. 

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[via The Daily Show