The XK might be halfway out the door, but Jaaaag has one final iteration of the esteemed 2+2 in store for the US market. It’s called the 2015 XK Final Fifty Limited Edition, and buyers can expect to see these brawlers in showrooms this fall.

The production run includes 25 coupe and 25 convertible versions of the nuclear 510-horsepower XKR that are destined for these colonial shores. Most would agree that buying an all-new F-Type would be the logical solution here, and it might be, but this XK run could be a unique investment opportunity, as well as quite a lot of slidey fun.

Jaguar commemorated the end of the E-Type in 1974 with a 50-car limited run, all of which have now become highly sought after. If you like black – it only comes in black – and can afford one, perhaps take a gander on one of these iconic big cats. Five liters of supercharged V8 can’t be a bad choice.

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[via Jaguar]