Have you ever imagined what it would look like if you put David Beckham, Theirry Henry, Tim Cahill, Tim Howard, and Sergio Ramos' tattoos onto a single body? Probably not. But that's exactly what Brooklyn-based illustrator Michael Hoeweler did recently. And the result was this:

It's an illustration "marked with the best tattoos from different footballers across the globe" that features tatts from all of the guys listed above…plus so many more. Hoeweler used tons and tons and tons of photos to compile a long list of tattoos that he wanted to draw. And then, he got to work and created the illustration you see above for Eight by Eight magazine. Here, he answers a few questions about his work.

Which tattoo do you like the most in your illustration?

Alessandro Diamanti's smiley face, which must be fun for other players to see as they chase after him.

Which tattoo do you like the least?

Marco Materazzi's blue snake, which is so awful that it may be great.

Was there one particular tattoo that was more difficult to draw than all of the rest?

Thierry Henry's phoenix sleeve.

Was there one that you enjoyed drawing the most?

Tim Cahill's family timeline sleeve, inspired by his Samoan heritage.

Do you have any tattoos yourself?

Tattoos are awesome, but not on me. I would look ridiculous.

To see more of Hoeweler's work, go here.