Have you been trying to find a job or make solid business connections through LinkedIn and experiencing little to no success? Well, there's probably a pretty good reason for that. Specifically, it's because your LinkedIn profile isn't anywhere near as awesome as Shaquille O'Neal's LinkedIn profile.

Yesterday, Shaq's LinkedIn profile—which is real—started making the rounds on the Internet. And it's phenomenal. In it, Shaq describes himself as an "owner" and a "CEO" of "alot of different companies." He also says that his best asset is that he is "proven to lead teams to championships…multiple championships." And he lists his doctorate degree from Barry University on his profile along with his MBA from the University of Phoenix and his bachelor's degree from LSU. Oh yeah, and then there's this photo, which is just, well, look:

Basically, if you and Shaq are both being considered for a job and your potential employer takes a look at both of your LinkedIn pages to see who is more qualified, YOU LOSE. So go take a glance at Shaq's LinkedIn profile now to see where you need to improve.

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[via LinkedIn]