[UPDATE]: That girl who "jokingly" threatened American Airlines yesterday? Yeah, she was 14 years old and the Rotterdam police arrested her. Not such a great story for school anymore, huh Sarah? According to the Rotterdam police, the "investigation continues." 


The above photo is a real tweet a girl decided to send to send to American Airlines. Somehow @QueenDemetriax_ thought it would be funny and didn't think, "Hey, maybe American Airlines wouldn't actually appreciate an insinuated terrorist threat." Of course, American Airlines didn't appreciate the tweet and replied, saying she'd be reported to the FBI

That's when the girl started freaking out. 

Then she thought the FBI was at her door. 

Now homegirl has 25,000 followers and is still freaking out. One of her most recent tweets sums it up best:

It's not good. 

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[via The Concourse