When it comes to haircuts, there are two types of guys: the type who will never spend more than $20 (including tip), and take pride in telling their friends how cheap they got their haircut. Those men are basic, and are ignoring the world of awesome, carefully textured and layered haircuts that yes, cost more to get done. They're likely missing out on a chance to be cool and expressive with their head of hair, which is the only clump of hair that's exposed during waking hours. Everyone sees your hair, and yet millions of men choose to neglect their own.

Thankfully, there are plenty of current MLS stars who are very concerned with their hair, whether they pay a premium for a haircut or nothing at all. Just like how personal style is an outward way of telling the world who you are, what direction you take your hair in assists this. If you go bald like Michael Bradley, you're probably a rather serious fellow. Diego Fagundez, as the red-dyed, spiky-headed man, is pushing a more youthful, rebellious image.

Every soccer player's haircut has an individualistic purpose in Gallery: What Your Favorite MLS Haircut Says About You.