Are you one of those people who needs a famous person to give you the go-ahead before buying something? Did you line up for Reeboks because Allen Iverson told you to? How about Tom Emanski's baseball tutorials? Did you listen to Fred McGriff? Well if you said "yes" to either of those questions, today you're in luck, because we got a list of 20 such endorsements with your name written all over them.

Athletes go together with drugs. That's just how it is. Whether performance enhancing or recreational, our ticket dollars are getting funneled into some pretty shady hands. For the most part on this list the goal was to find athletes who went beyond coke and pot because we assume at least half of you are under the influence of at least one of those right now. We've proven we don't need endorsements to give those a try and so with a couple exceptions we steered clear. Not only would it encompass a large chunk of pro sportsmen but it's also time for you to try new things.

If you're looking to be like your favorite athlete in every way, hopefully this will help. We kid. Anyway, here are Your Favorite Athletes' Drugs of Choice.

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