Someone Created a Fake Amazon Listing for Roy Hibbert and It's Every Bit as Sad as You Would Expect It to Be

Someone created a fake Amazon listing for Roy Hibbert today. He's available for a very deep discount.

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Earlier today, we told you all about how cheap tickets are selling for at the moment for tonight's Hawks/Pacers game. And now, it looks like yet another Pacers-related item is on sale for a significant markdown. That's right, you can now buy Roy Hibbert on Amazon—and at a 99 percent price reduction no less. A Miami-based blog called Page Q took a jab at the Pacers center with the fake ad below, because, well, who isn't taking a jab at the blue and gold right now? 

LOL roy hibbert is for sale on amazon (h/t @pageqsports)

Honestly, we don't know what's worse—the Pacers' decline on the court or the immediate reaction that's taken place just one game into Indiana's first-round playoff series. We know things don't look great for Indy, but this is the type of thing that should be saved for when they're down 3-0. And one-and-a-half-star customer review to boot? SMH. Poor Roy!

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[via Page Q Sports]

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