Banned. For. Life.

A short time ago, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference in New York City to announce the punishment that he was handing down to Clippers owner Donald Sterling in light of the audio recording that leaked out over the weekend that featured Sterling making several racist remarks. During the press conference, Silver revealed that he was giving Sterling a $2.5 million fine for his actions. But more importantly, he also announced that he was banning Sterling from the NBA for life and promised to do his best to get the other 29 NBA owners to force Sterling to sell his team sometime in the near future. It's still TBD whether or not he'll actually be able to do that. But for now, the lifetime ban is making lots and lots of people happy.

How happy? Well, let's just say that shortly after Silver's press conference ended, almost every single thing that was trending on Twitter involved Silver, Sterling, and the ban. From current NBA players to members of the media to fans, everyone had an opinion on the ban that was handed to Sterling. Here are a bunch of the best reactions that we've come across since the news about Sterling getting banned hit...

Still, while all of those reactions were great, the Clippers may have had the best reaction of all:

This is a day that's going to go down in NBA history. How do you feel about Donald Sterling's lifetime ban?

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