How would you feel if you were shoveling the driveway outside of your own house after a snowstorm and a police officer pulled up and questioned you for doing it? Unfortunately, former MLB player/current ESPN analyst Doug Glanville knows the feeling all too well.

Earlier this year, Glanville was clearing some snow from the driveway outside of his home in Hartford, Conn. when a cop from a neighboring town drove down his street, parked his car, and got out to speak with Glanville. The officer approached him and quickly asked, "So you trying to make a few extra bucks, shoveling people's driveways around here?" Glanville then explained that it was actually his driveway that he was shoveling and that he owned the home behind him, which prompted the cop to get back into his car and drive away. But it also led Glanville to feel as though he had been racially profiled. And within just a day or two, his wife had already fired off an email to a Connecticut state senator using the subject line "Shoveling While Black" to try and get some answers for why the incident had happened.

Glanville just wrote a long piece for The Atlantic about the whole ordeal. In the end, he didn't decide to take any legal action against the police officer or his department. But he is hoping that the incident will spark some conversation. Go check out what he has to say about everything over here.

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[via The Atlantic]