If you want to ask an NBA player for his autograph, there are quite a few times and places to do it. For instance, some players will sign for fans either before or after games. Others will do it during special meet-and-greet sessions that are orchestrated by their respective teams. And just about all players have autograph-signing sessions at malls and other establishments throughout the year. So if you want your favorite player's John Hancock, go and ask him for it during one of those times. But please, do not ask for it seconds after getting into a car accident with him.

That kind of feels like it should go without saying. But last night, a woman got into an accident with Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons outside of the Toyota Center a short time before the Spurs/Rockets game was set to start. The woman ran a red light and hit his SUV, messing up the front bumper of his vehicle. Fortunately, both the woman and Parsons were OK after the crash. But once the woman realized who she had hit, she handed Parsons her insurance card and asked him to sign it.

Parsons didn't say whether or not he signed the card for the woman after the accident. But it obviously was not the time or place to ask Parsons for his autograph. What was she thinking?

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[via For The Win]