At 2:15 PM on Tuesday afternoon, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took to the podium at NBA headquarters in New York City and announced unprecedented sanctions against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Effective immediately, Sterling has been banned from life from the NBA, fined $2.5 million (the maximum amount allowed by the NBA’s constitution), and Silver will “immediately” pursue having Sterling’s ownership stake in the Clippers stripped.

As you almost surely know, Sterling came under fire after being recorded making racist comments directed at Magic Johnson and African-Americans in general. This controversy comes as just the latest episode in a troubling history for Sterling, who has previously faced numerous allegations of racist and discriminatory practices both with the Clippers and in his real estate ventures.

The NBA’s decision to absolutely hammer Sterling comes largely as a sigh of relief, with Silver receiving universal praise from both owners and players alike. While this story is far from over, we at least now have a sense of what direction we’re heading in. Here are 5 Things We Learned From the Adam Silver Press Conference.