For some people (the people who always want something new, don't go on lots of road trips, and don't modify their cars), leasing is a great option. If they're wanting a muscle car that has grown up into a retro GT or an old school American sedan with a muscle car's name, they're in luck right now. The Challenger and Charger both have an interesting special offer that has just been announced.

If you lease a 2014 Challenger or Charger, after 12 months you can take it back and trade it in for a 2015 Charger of Challenger. That's right, you can even switch models if you want to. You don't have to pay to do this, nor does your monthly payment go up. Why can Dodge offer this? Because Enterprise Rental Cars has already agreed to buy all of the lightly used cars in a push to update its fleet.

Sounds like everybody wins here.

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[via Dodge