Earlier today, DeSean Jackson made things official and signed a three-year, $24 million contract with the Washington Redskins:

And within just hours of him signing the deal, the 'Skins already have Jackson's jersey for sale in their team store. The only problem? Robert Griffin III wears Jackson's old jersey number 10, meaning Jackson is going to have to pick out a new jersey number (it sounds like he could be leaning towards taking No. 4, though that number is currently being used by kicker Jake Rogers). So as of right now, this is what his $100 jersey looks like:

Ha. We appreciate the team's enthusiasm (and their desire to sell as many of these jerseys as possible!). But they couldn't have waited a day or two and let D-Jax select his number first?!


Jackson has selected a new jersey number. He will be going with...

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[via Redskins]