It sucks, but it had to come at some point. David Letterman announced that he's going to retire next year. 2015 isn't coming for a while, so the Internet has plenty of time to unearth some of his gems—like this Michael Jordan interview.

The above clip features a 23-year-old Jordan (fresh off his 63-point game against the Celtics in the opening round) having a chat with Letterman in 1986, when he was host of Late Night over at NBC. The main source of hilarity is Letterman's enthusiasm playing off Jordan's impersonal demeanor.

Jordan was in the midst of leading his team back into the playoffs after breaking his foot that season. He's also flexing his talents as a walking billboard. Letterman is seen poking fun at his many endorsements.

One, of course, is the Air Jordan 1s. His Airness brings the Banned colorway to an inquisitive Letterman, leading to probably the best moment of the interview:

Letterman: What rule did we violate here?

Jordan: Well, it doesn't have any white in it.

Letterman: Well neither does the NBA.

Check out the gem above.

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[via For The Win]