Earlier this week the world got to know Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Smith, well, we at least got to know what he considers art. NBA players, and athletes in general, have been known for getting all kinds of ink in every free space imaginable on their bodies. Some tats are over the top, some are epic fails, and sometimes a player gets something so out there that it can only be labeled as a head-scratcher. Mike Smith definitely falls into the last category, as he has chosen to decorate his arms with what can only be described as emojis. Yes, as in I'm a 15-year-old girl texting a crush type of shit.

Now, we have no idea what would possess Smith to get emojis tatted all over his body. However, the crew over at Triangle Offense came up with several possible explanations for the unique art choice, which only furthers the intrigue behind the great emoji mystery. Either way, in light of the NBA playoffs being under way, and the discovery of Scott's emojis, we decided to take a look back at some other baller choices of permanent expression. From J.R. Smith's Young Money logo to Deron Wiliams' panther, check out, in no particular order, the Craziest Tattoos in NBA History.