Mike Elias is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. So he has license plates that say "CWBYFN" on them and a Cowboys star magnet on the back of his Infiniti. There's just one problem, though: Elias lives in Virginia, where there are tons and tons of Washington Redskins fans. So people routinely vandalize his car because of his allegiance to the Cowboys. They've stolen magnets off it, keyed it, and even yelled at Elias for having the audacity to promote the fact that he's down with Dallas. But none of that prepared him for what happened to his car yesterday.

They didn't do it on purpose. But on Wednesday afternoon, a truck carrying a group of Redskins groundskeepers accidentally rear-ended Elias' Infiniti. It didn't cause a ton of damage to the car. But it was pretty funny to see three guys decked out in Redskins gear standing around the car and accessing the damage:

If we were Elias, we wouldn't be as vocal as he is about his love for the Cowboys. It's great that he's so passionate about Tony Romo & Co. But when is enough enough? At this point, your car is suffering, man! It's time to do something about it—and it all starts with getting some new vanity plates.

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[via Fox Sports]