Okay, who saw this coming? Last night, Corey Brewer was a man possessed out on the court against the Houston Rockets, scoring 51 points on 19/30 shooting. Following the game, Brewer and his Timberwolves teammates were in disbelief over his performance. "I want to watch it again and see if he really scored 51," Ricky Rubio said. Brewer chimed in, saying, "You know how many guys scored 50 in the NBA? That's what makes it such a special night because I never in my career expected to score 50." 

Brewer's former University of Florida teammates, Joakim Noah and Al Horford, hopped on Twitter to congratulate him as well. 

But, all in all, the best response to Brewer dropping 51 may have come from LeBron James

Brewer's 51 also landed him in the record book, tying the Timberwolves' record for points in a game. And then, there's this impressive feat: 

What a night for Corey. It's definitely going to be something the grandkids will hear over and over and over and over and over again. Or, Brewer can just show them the video below. 


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[via ESPN]