We imagine that Bugatti’s workshop is split in half: one portion to liquidate the remaining Veyron supercarslike these ones for the Beijing Motor Show – and another to get to work on the next big project. This video clip seems to be from the latter camp.

One careful observer at the Nurburgring caught sight of what appears to be a Bugatti Veyron test-mule flexing a new powertrain on the famous German circuit. From what we can tell, everything looks fairly standard on the vehicle aside from the reinforcements over the engine bay, which might be needed to strengthen the chassis in the absence of a rear deck lid.

We know there is a new supercar in the works and Bugatti certainly isn’t one to debut age-old technology on a new project. So it begs the question – what could possibly be powering the Veyron successor? 

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[via GT Spirit]