Ten years ago BMW made 10 "Democracy Cars" to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's election on April 27, 1994 (that's a lot of tens). Each was signed by Madiba himself, and now one of them, a 2004 318i, will go up for auction April 28 at the Bonhams Collector’s Motor Cars and Automobilia Sale

The Mandela Beemer is estimated at $5,800-$8,300. However, it went for $63,000 at an auction back in 2005. Now it has 46,000 miles on it, but we doubt mileage is going to be on the mind of whoever buys this. The draw here is obviously the signature of one of the most important men in history. And considering how recently he died, expect a winning of bid of much more than $8,300. 

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[via Blouin Artinfo