Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have been pretty busy powering the Los Angeles Clippers to a franchise-record 57?wins and brutalizing rims in various NBA arenas. It turns out that the duo is just as dynamic off the court as they are on it. Griffin?s been moonlighting as a comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade and?interning?with Funny or Die in his downtime. Back in March, the pair took their comedic chops to?The Live Read Show?to do a live reading of Space Jam alongside Hollywood pros Seth Green, Nick Kroll, Danielle Fishel and Paul Scheer.?Footage of the show, which is produced by?Jensen Karp?and?Sean O?Connor, hit the internet today so we got Karp to break down the Lob City teammates? future in show business...and their possible role in a Space Jam sequel.


Who came up the idea of a live reading? Sean and I. We usually did a slightly different show: We found scripts circulating around Hollywood that hadn?t been filmed yet. They were scripts we shouldn?t have had, that weren?t even filmed or were about to film. We basically were breaking the law. It was sort of like, we were playing tribute to this thing that?s gonna come out in a year or two but we?re also kinda making fun of it.

rumors started that LeBron was going to do Space Jam 2So Blake and DeAndre were always part of the plan? Do you think either DJ or Blake would be interested in playing a role in Space Jam 2?

You mentioned Blake didn?t rehearse. What about DJ? I don?t know. I assume that Charles Barkley impression is something he does normally. He took it really seriously, which is amazing. He played Swackhammer and Barkley and I just sort of in passing was like, ?Dude, you can do whatever you want with this.? Little did I know Seth Green was gonna do a Southern drawl for Bugs Bunny but I was down for anyone to do anything. I didn?t know [DeAndre] really had a voice. He was a big crowd pleaser.

Do you think DeAndre has a career in comedy? Ben Schwartz?sHow often did you guys improvise throughout the reading? Do you guys have any live readings coming up? Bridgetown Comedy Fest?Will it be Space Jam again? NerdMelt Showroom@JensenClan88.Follow Seerat Sohi on Twitter?@DamianTrillard