With “cherry”, Supreme and Bill Strobeck have captured skateboarding in raw form. By doing away with separate parts for each skater, the video feels more like a series of sessions with everyone skating together and being a part of the street scene. This is the first time many people will be seeing the younger guys: Tyshawn Jones, Sage Elsesser, Aidan Mackey, Kevin Bradley, and Na-kel Smith. They make up the majority of the video. The more easily recognizable, Dylan Rieder and Alex Olson do some heavy skating to represent the top tier of today’s professional skateboarding.

There is a solid contingent of veteran pros in “cherry” including Jason Dill, Eric Koston, Brian Anderson, Reese Forbes, and a full part from Paulo Diaz. Without parts, other than Paulo Diaz’s, repeat viewings are a must to even start to figure out who did what and take in everything “cherry” has to offer. Here are the best moments from “cherry”.

Tyshawn Jones gaps to lipslide in pajama pants before continuing his line out into traffic.

Tino Razo skids across a street most skaters gap over, showing the youngsters that there is more than one way to get from point A to point B.

My favorite trick in the whole video has got to be Kevin Bradley’s street method over the bump to bar.

Nothing says “youth” more than a roof drop in. A young-kneed Aidan Mackey goes from the top rope.

“cherry” ushers in a new era of shirtless skating, but it's doubtful many out there will look as good doing it as Reese Forbes does as he tucks knee over this picnic table.

This ride-on-rail sees a lot of action in “cherry” and this five-o takes the cake in precision and confidence required.

No-comply over a trashcan out of a bump. Yeah, Sage can do those.

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Eric Koston goes heavy with this dangerous ride on smith grind. Popping back up onto the ledge at the end makes this one of the best tricks in the video.

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Koston keeps things light with a footplant out of a lipslide.

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Kevin Bradley kickflips a huge street gap. You can see the photo in his interview from The Skateboard Mag a few issues back.

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These new kids are about more than just playing in traffic. Bradley grinds a curved rail and quickly ollies a chain. He probably did roll out into the street after that though...

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“cherry” is about more than just style. Sage Elsesser’s impossible into wallride on a fence is cutting-edge shit.

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Aidan Mackey 180s out of a 50-50 before bombing the hill switch.

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Look how far he pops the kickflip out of the frontside bluntslide. Dylan Rieder has it all: style, pop, and technical skills.



I love a good symmetrical line. Rieder does it well with regular and switch backside heelflips over picnic tables.

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Jason Dill proves he’s still got it with this wallie back tail at a classic L.A. spot. My guess is he has a bunch of good stuff saved up for the Vans video.

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Although not the first, Bradley spins a frontside 360 into the infamous courthouse bank to drop.

Brian Anderson saws his tail off in order to slide this tight rail spot. It’s nice when you get free skateboards.

Alex Olson’s pig-tailed wallie backside 180 over the barrier made for a rad photo in Thrasher and a smooth clip for “cherry."


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