Bentley has announced that 90 percent of its vehicles will offer a hybrid option by 2020. While that might be bad news for fans of the Bentley 6 ¾ engine and its quirky numbering system, it is only an option. Don’t riot just yet.

Exact specs regarding the upcoming powertrains are unknown, however engine downsizing does look to be a factor. Bentley has previously hinted at a V6 engine and plug-in hybrid system to underpin some of its super saloons, suggesting that drivers could see a 25 percent increase in power with a 70 percent decrease in emissions. What isn’t a rumor is Bentley’s upcoming SUV, which will feature a hybrid option in 2017.

The British marque showed up to the 2014 Beijing Auto Show with this Mulsanne Hybrid Concept (pictured below), which features a hybrid paired with the twin-turbo 6 ¾ V8. That seems a bit overkill, but then again, it is a Bentley.

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[via Motor Authority]