Accidents involving two cars happen every single day. Same goes for accidents involving two trucks. Hell, even accidents involving two motorcycles take place from time to time. But two fire engines? It's incredibly rare to see two of them get into an accident. But earlier this week, two trucks responding to a fire in Monterey Park, Calif. collided at an intersection, which resulted in one of the trucks driving directly into the front of a small restaurant and causing chaos.

Fortunately, no one was killed in the crash, which is sort of miraculous when you consider how big both of the trucks are. There were quite a few injuries, though, and the fire chiefs who are in charge of the two trucks that were involved in the crash aren't sure how the accident happened. You can watch the video above to hear more about what went down when the trucks crashed. This clearly could have been even more devastating than it was.

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[via Fox 8]