Even though he's behind bars right now, Aaron Hernandez continues to find new ways to get himself into trouble. Last month, the former Patriots tight end was charged with assault and battery after he attacked a fellow inmate at the Bristol County Jail. And now, he's being investigated for allegedly threatening to kill a jail guard and his family.

According to TMZ Sports, Hernandez was involved in a verbal altercation with a guard late last year. The altercation took place after Hernandez reportedly tried to score some extra food from the guard. And it may have ended with him telling the guard that he was going to "kill the guard and shoot his family." A former inmate at the facility has spoken with investigators and told them that Hernandez did not threaten the guard. But it sounds like they are moving forward with the investigation anyway and talking to other people who were inside of the jail at the time about the alleged incident.

If this does turn out to be true, we don't know what in the world Hernandez was thinking. It's never OK to threaten someone's life. But obviously, threatening a guard in jail is a whole other level of dumb. So let's hope that this report turns out to be false.

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