Car accidents are as serious as remembering you forgot to set your fantasy football lineup as soon as the first round of 1 p.m. games kick off (that means super serious, if you think we're being sarcastic). Depending on the situation, property, multiple vehicles, people, and people's mental states can all be largely damaged, causing all sorts of pain and stress. In the heat of the moment, nothing is worse than seeing your car flipped, windows shattered all over the pavement. There are exceptions, though.

As long as nobody was seriously injured, there are cases when we can step back, look at what in the world just happened, and laugh in that I'm-so-confused-I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-myself kind of way. Then you take a picture. These 25 photos are those exact cases. They're times when a dump truck caught a road sign, when a car fell down a sink hole, and when an ice road trucker turned into an ice fishing scuba diver. Check out all the wackiness in these 25 Incredibly Bizarre Car Accident Photos

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