Know what 2-year-old kids are scared of? Everything. So when the parents of the 2-year-old girl in the video above decided to try and take her through a car wash recently, they had to know this was going to happen, right?

Right. But they tried it anyway. And as you would expect, it didn't go very well. From the time the family entered the car wash to the time they left it, the little girl yelled, "No…no car wash," over and over and over again with her blanket over her head. And the look on her face when she saw sunlight at the end and realized that the car wash was over was, well, priceless.

The parents of the little girl have caught some flack for filming her freak-out. And truthfully, this is a little bit cruel. But the girl's father says that she has made a "full emotional recovery" since the car wash. We don't expect to see her setting foot inside of one anytime soon, though. This looks like it was way too traumatic.

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[via New York Daily News]