With the first weekend of the 2014 NBA playoffs now in the books, we can finally start to look at some tangible evidence when trying to figure out which teams are headed towards the Finals. While a one game sample size is obviously not enough to make definitive judgments (otherwise, Josh McRoberts would be the odds-on favorite to win next year’s Slam Dunk Contest), it can begin to either confirm or refute questions that had arisen towards the end of the regular season.

Every single series carries with it a host of subplots worth following and examining: Can the Pacers prove that their late season funk was just pre-playoff malaise and not a bigger red flag? Can the veteran Spurs carry the momentum of their league-best regular season into the postseason? Can anyone on Memphis or Charlotte, respectively, slow down Kevin Durant or LeBron James?

We got answers to all these questions and more, and while we have seen but a fraction of this two month second season play out, some interesting storylines are already beginning to emerge. Here are 10 Things We Learned from the 2014 NBA Playoffs Opening Weekend.

Written by Doug Sibor (@dcsibor)