Horsepower (Listed): 306

The first Shelby Cobra built in 1962 was the ultimate balance of power and weight, a British AC Ace sports car powered by a heavily massaged 260 cubic inch Ford V8. The next step was a 289, then a wildly excessive 427 big block. In 1965, Ford let Carroll Shelby have a crack at the still-new Mustang. What he produced was the G.T. 350, a 289-powered fastback massaged from 271 up to 306 horsepower. It was race-ready from the factory, available in any color you wanted (as long as it was Wimbledon White), with the battery moved to the trunk and a full-size spare tire replacing the rear seat. Even without the optional magnesium-center Cragar mags, the 1965 model was the lightest G.T. 350 made. Just 562 were produced.