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Game: Nets @ Spurs
Date: 6/15/2003, Game 6 NBA Finals
Key stats: 3-23 FG
Lowlights (if available): N/A

The New Jersey Nets of the early 2000s were founded on the talented nucleus of Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, and Richard Jefferson, who were able to lead the team to back-to-back Finals appearances during their tenure in New Jersey. In the second of those appearances, the Nets would face the San Antonio Spurs, taking them to six games before falling in the decisive match-up.

The play of Kenyon Martin stood out as the biggest eye-sore on the stat sheet in Game 6, as the star power forward went 3-23 on his shot attempts while turning the ball over twice. Nothing was happening for K-Mart during the game, and he really couldn't have chosen a worse time to enter a slump. The Nets haven't made it to the Finals since this series, and the core players of their mini-dynasty in the Eastern Conference were broken apart just a few seasons later.