Starting at $69,900, the Tesla Model S is already an expensive car. But the folks at T Sportline found a way to jack up the price nearly three times to $205,820. While that sounds crazy, the additions that made it happen are super luxe. 

To begin with T Sportline used the more powerful 85-kWh Model S that costs $85,900. Then they added the "performance plus" package, which includes a fiber spoiler, red brake calipers, "smart air" suspension, high-fidelity sound system, and a panoramic sunroof. Sounds good enough, right? Wrong

There are also "GhostGold" forged wheels, a carbon-fiber body kit, and a $25,000 bespoke interior. If you want to stunt on all the other Tesla owners, let alone those with electric cars, holla at T Sportline.

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[via Autoblog