You know how all those disgruntled parents always complain about how video games, movies, and the rest of pop culture negatively affect their kids? Usually, we disagree with most of these complaints, seeing as the children still have to go through a normal thought process about what is right and wrong. However, a few tweets are proving they might be right. If you poke around Twitter right now and look at all the reactions to the opening weekend of Need for Speed, you'll find out a few things: Some people were surprised it was good, more thought it sucked and was way too long, putting Kid Cudi in the movie was a smart marketing move, and all people wanted to do after watching was drift through their neighborhood streets. 

Just make sure you don't have any meth in the trunk, homie.  We doubt it really matters if it's raining or not.  Or foretelling that your life will be filled with incredibly high insurance rates. 
Mabye you should try taking the bus for a few days.  Wait, it's not?  If drifting is the worst thing in GTA you're recreating, then that's probably okay.
Prayer is not going to save you with that mindset, bro. "Spins" LOLZ *Into the sunset.
Totally, dude, that's probably, like, exactly how Aaron Paul felt throughout the whole movie.

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