There comes a point where you sort of get resigned to constant failure. Some Knicks fans know because the organization has been getting the short end of the stick for a while. From getting routinely sonned by Michael Jordan or seeing many great careers die by their hands (Steve Francis, Tracy McGrady), New York has struggled quite a bit. New York is many games behind .500 and in shambles. Is Phil Jackson the man to fix them?

It's being reported that the legendary coach is leaning to returning to basketball by becoming the Knicks' president of basketball operations. It's also worth noting New York won its only two championships when Jackson was a player. So does that mean the Knicks can only win championships if Jackson is involved. Well, not necessarily. But the news does give people a bit more to talk about than the Knicks sucking. There's not complete optimism on Twitter about the situaton, however.

A lot of tweeters are just hoping Dolan doesn't screw this up:

Some folks are bit more cynical:

Others are excited. Too excited:

The Knicks are currently busting their asses to get convince Jackson take the offer. They're beating the Cavaliers 58-50 at halftime. So just the mention of Jackson makes them a better team. The final decision is expected to come soon, but until then, be sure to hug a Lakers fan when you get the chance.

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