About an hour ago, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to part ways with their Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson. They haven't officially announced why they chose to let D-Jax walk. But according to an NJ.com article that was published earlier today, it may have been because of Jackson's alleged ties to several Los Angeles gang members. But regardless of their reasoning, Jackson is going to be running with a team other than the Eagles next season—and NFL fans are not happy about it.

They're pissed off because Jackson was one of the most productive members of the Eagles team last season. They're pissed off because they think the Eagles should have tried to get something—anything!—in return for Jackson. And more than anything else, they're pissed off because Riley Cooper, who got caught on camera using the N-word last year, got a contract extension from the Eagles this offseason, while Jackson got the boot.

Just check out some of the wildest tweets that we've seen floating around out there about Cooper, Jackson, and the Eagles. R.I.P. to the @Eagles mentions…

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