Soccer is a game full of beauty. Wonder goals, slick passing, miraculous saves, mesmerizing dribbles and skill moves—poetry in motion if there was in sport. Not all players, however, approach the game with such care and respect. For many, rough pragmatism and sheer debauchery rule. Simply getting the job done takes precedence over aesthetics, which is an admirable take on sport—until someone gets hurt of course.

The game has its fair share of dirt bags, and what better way to point 'em out than to construct a starting XI out of them. With Diego Costa leading the line, Lee Cattermole grinding in midfield, and Pepe patrolling the back, this XI would lead the league in cards, but also never concede an inch of pitch easily. See who else joined the 4-4-2 in The Dirty XI: A Starting Squad of the Dirtiest Players in Soccer Today.