Last night, the Magic honored Grant Hill—who played for Orlando from 2000 through 2007—in a special ceremony during the Trail Blazers/Magic game as part of their season-long 25th anniversary celebration. So Hill was, of course, in Orlando for most of yesterday getting ready for the ceremony. And a couple hours before it was scheduled to start, a Magic fan captured a photo of him exiting a local gas station and put it up on Instagram:

However, the guy who took the photo is apparently not a big Grant Hill fan and had nothing but mean things to say about the former NBA star. Specifically, the fan seems bitter about the fact that the Magic once gave Hill a large contract that the fan doesn't feel Hill lived up to. So he wrote a nasty caption on his Instagram photo of Hill.

"Ran into Grant Hill earlier today and was about to give him a piece of my mind!" the fan wrote. "However he took off in his car as soon as he got gas and all I could manage was a quick 'BOOOO' before he drove off. At least one of us can sleep soundly tonight, knowing that they didn't rob the city of Orlando out of $93 million. #worstnbacontractinhistory."

Stuff like this isn't uncommon. Fans get on athletes on social media all the time. But somehow, Hill got wind of what the guy said about him and decided to respond on Instagram. And what he said should deter some other fans from trying to talk trash to athletes from behind a computer or cell phone screen.

"You weren't going to say a damn thing," Hill wrote in the comments section of the fan's page. "Don't act like you have the courage to approach me in the manner. It's easy to have courage on Instagram."

Zing. The fan tried to come back at Hill by making another comment about his contract and by saying, "You were lucky that I couldn't make it to the game last night, or the boos would have been raining down hard at the Amway Center!"

But Hill won this one. If you've got the time to pull out your phone and take a photo of an athlete, then you've got the time to approach the athlete to speak your mind, rather than simply writing what you were going to do on Instagram. So score one for the athlete here.

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[via The Big Lead]