Here's a fun (in a sarcastic way) fact: The cheapest Sweet 16 tickets at Madison Square Garden are going for more than FedEx Stadium's most expensive seats. 

That's probably the most surprising fact about MSG's pricing, because the arena being the most expensive seating out of every venue hosting the tournament is no shocker. In a chart composed by Deadspin (which you can see below), New York's arena barely beats out Anaheim's Honda Center.

The floor seats are far more expensive than the lower seats for the two arenas. Deadspin notes Lucas Oil Stadium's cost $1,995, which is more expensive than MSG's $1,493. You can easily attribute the high prices to the magnitude of the John Calipari-Rick Pitino matchup in the Midwest and UConn playing just a drive away from its home state. Still, maybe slide the players a bit of that revenue?

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[via Deadspin