About a year and a half ago, I helped create and wrote an article called "Hot Wheels: Rappers in Rollerblades." It was a huge joke that was mainly to make fun of rappers, because, well, they looked hilarious with rollerblades 'shopped on their feet. As a natural part of writing the post, I also made fun of rollerbladers. As a result, I had my first-ever Twitter backlash, and the comment section erupted, with all the rollerbladers coming out of the woods to tell me and Complex how much we sucked, how we didn't know shit about anything, and how they'd like to see us try it! 

Did I regret posting it? Hell no, that post was extremely goofy, and I loved all the reaction it got. I'm sorry if I offended you, but was I legitimately trying to degrade the rollerblading community? No, no I was not, and I was shocked it took that route. It was called RAPPERS IN ROLLERBLADES. It was a lighthearted joke, just like a ton of the other posts on this website. And by the way, I had a pair of incredibly awesome Soloman ST80s back in the day. I bought them after a couple of my friends got into skating, but unfortunately, they went relatively unused, and I sold them a few years later. That obviously doesn't give me the same appreciation as a real skater, but it's there. 

Anyway, after all this time, we still have never posted a legitimately good rollerblading video part, so today is the day we begin. This is CityHopper Europe: Sven Boekhorst. It's a documentary/short film that was shot and edited by Axel van Dijk and Remy Cadier. It follows Sven, pro skater, throughout his travels in Brussels, Paris, London, Barcelona, and Berlin. With a sick soundtrack from DJ DNS, this one is definitely worth watching. If you want a shortened version, peep the preview here

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