Tired of your old Subaru WRX? You are quite in luck. Massachusetts’ Factory Five Racing has developed a kit for Subaru’s second-generation WRX that will transform it into a mid-engine sports car. No, seriously

Factory Five has been building kits for years, starting quite humbly with Shelby Cobra replicas. The company needed something a little more current and voila – they came up with the mid-engined 818. The process is simple. Buyers will yank the engine, transmission, and suspension from the front of their Subbie and reposition it in the back of the 818. WRX’s aren’t cheap but the prospect of a mid-engined sports car for around $20k is too good to pass up.

We admit, it isn’t the most inventive name, but it does lend an ear to the company’s serious bend on performance, referencing the car’s target weight in kilograms. It measures out to 1,803 lbs. – a featherweight. For only $9,900 for the S kit and $10,990 for the track-ready R kit, you could build your own sports car…that is of course after you’ve supplied the donor WRX.

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[via Autoweek]