The Knicks are bad right now. How bad? So bad that they've lost six games in a row. So bad that Knicks fans don't even seem to care that Carmelo Anthony seemingly already has one foot out the door. So bad that Spike Lee—yes, Spike Lee, the Knicks' No. 1 fan!—sounds like he's basically written the team off this season.

Spike did an interview with New York Magazine recently and, during the course of the interview, the 56-year-old was asked his favorite medication. And he worked a shot at the Knicks into his answer.

"Not going to a Knicks game, now," he said, referencing the team's awful 2013-14 season. "I need medication."

So do millions of other Knicks fans, Spike. At least you played a part in one of the Knicks' most memorable highlights this season, though, right? Errrr, yeah...

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[via NY Mag]

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