Allen Iverson's career may have ended in less than glorious fashion, but this is still Iverson. The man who single-handedly took a team of mostly scrubs to the NBA Finals is getting his jersey retired tomorrow, and the organization is trying to make sure this is a special night for him.

The retirement ceremony will take place at halftime, when he'll join the likes of Julius Erving and Wilt Chamberlain as one of eight Sixers players to get their jerseys retired. Iverson doesn't have to wait until halftime to get his shine, however. The players, who aren't that far from the average group Iverson once helped, will be wearing the No. 3 patches on their warmup shooting shirts and "Iverson Forever" patches on their jerseys.

The Sixers will be playing the Wizards that night, which is fitting in a sense. Philadelphia swept them in Iverson's MVP season, when he put up over 40 on them twice.

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[via Philadelphia 76ers]