Although the actual country of Russia experienced many problems during the 2014 Winter Olympics last month—go and Google "Sochi Problems" for evidence of that—the Russian athletes themselves did really well at the Winter Games. In fact, they did so well that Russia won the overall Olympic medal count in Sochi. And it sounds like the Russian Olympians are walking away with more than just medals and bragging rights as a result of it.

According to The Moscow Times, Russia just gave really generous gifts to their Olympic medal winners. Those gifts included cold-hard cash and pricey automobiles. Here's what those who medaled in their respective events reportedly received:

  • GOLD MEDAL WINNERS: $200,000 cash and a Mercedes GL-Class SUV (worth approximately $146,500)
  • SILVER MEDAL WINNERS: $200,000 cash and a Mercedes ML-Class (worth approximately $99,500)
  • BRONZE MEDAL WINNERS: $200,000 cash and a Mercedes GLK-Class (worth approximately $59,500)

Not bad, right? Not bad at all! It almost makes us want to spend the next four years practicing luging or bobsledding or, hell, curling. Have fun with your new rides, guys!

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[via Extra Mustard]