Ricky Gervais, who's known to vigorously defend his Atheistic views on Twitter, is uncompromised. Audi wants to paint its A3 as uncompromised. So it's incredibly meta to have Gervais pushing the A3 without acting like a cornball. After a variety of celebs run through lines from Queen's "We Are the Champions," and the music comes to a climatic stop, the British comedian dryly states, "You know how it goes."

Yes we do. And we also know how out of character it would have been for him to belt out the chorus. That's why we love this ad. Its message is clear, and it's executed to a T. Audi is standing behind the A3 as a luxury car even with its $29,900 price tag. And to prove it they won't turn Gervais into a sellout. More ads from this series are supposed to roll out soon, and we're looking forward to the one that features Gervais dolo. 

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[via Left Lane News