You did everything you possibly could to succeed in your 2014 NCAA Tournament bracket challenge this year. You watched a million and one college basketball games this season. You listened to every single college basketball analyst you could listen to earlier this week. You even watched these videos that we provided you with. And yet, you're still way behind going into the second day of the second round of the tournament. Sucks, right?

Well, here's something that'll make you feel even dumber than you already do. Earlier this week, ESPN constructed a gigantic wooden bracket and then asked a bunch of lab rats to select who they thought would win the tournament this year. And what do you know? The rats filled out a better bracket than almost everyone in the country:

Sigh. Damn rats!

Watch the video above to see who the rats picked to go all the way. At this point, we're willing to admit that they might be onto something.

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[via SportsCenter]