Being an NBA general manager can't be an easy job. Consider all of the factors that go into running and shaping an NBA squad: the money, the egos, the team chemistry, the draft, the coaches, the fans. And, honestly, these are just the ones that we're able to see through the media and press conferences. Who knows what other parts play a role in deciding how a team's roster will shape up as the season goes on? 

Right now, the GM landscape in the NBA is somewhat diverse as well; opposing schools of thought are beginning to emerge, pitting the old hands versus the young blood. On one side, you have former players and students of the game like Ernie Grunfeld or Pat Riley who have been lifers with the league. On the other side, there are up-and-coming stars like Sam Presti, Daryl Morey, and Rob Hennigan running the show, guys with no playing or coaching experience in the league. 

One of the old school guys who has received a lot of attention over the past decade is the Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge. A former player for Celtics and a former coach for the Phoenix Suns, Ainge has been a part of the NBA for longer than many of us have been alive. But speaking of age, it just so happens that today is Ainge's birthday, and today his gift is find out where he ranks among Every Current NBA GM From Jackass to Genius. Where do you think Ainge or your team's GM belongs? Take a look at the rankings and share your thoughts in the comments section.