For the sixth straight year, President Obama just teamed up with ESPN to fill out a bracket for the 2014 NCAA Tournament. And while his bracket does feature a bunch of upsets on it, you're not going to be all that surprised by who he picked to make the Final Four. In fact, his Final Four picks are, in his own words, "not imaginative."

So who did the President pick? Well, he's got No. 1 Florida, No. 1 Arizona, No. 4 Michigan State, and No. 4 Louisville all advancing to the Final Four. It's worth noting that President Obama's picks weren't all that good last year and that he hasn't picked an NCAA champion correctly since 2009 when he selected North Carolina to win it all. But we think he might be onto something this year.

Press play on the clip above to see who else the President picked for his bracket and who he ultimately has winning the whole tournament.

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[via ESPN]