A 2-year-old girl named Za'Dariyah from Jacksonville, Fla. will never forget her first time behind the wheel.

Earlier this week, she climbed into a toy convertible and hit the mean streets of her apartment's parking lot to see what it felt like to drive a vehicle. But unfortunately, it only took her a few minutes to find trouble. Because shortly after she started driving, a Jacksonville police officer pulled into the lot, turned his lights on, and chased after her. And while "she was going pretty fast," according to the officer, he was eventually able to catch up to her, pull her over, and give her her very first ticket.

"It took me a while to catch up to her," officer Christian Velasco said, "but we did, and she was cited."

Of course, the whole thing was one big joke. Za'Dariyah didn't really get a ticket. But this photo of Velasco giving her a ticket has gone viral:

And the little girl's mother claims that her daughter won't stop talking about paying the $4 ticket.

Watch everyone involved talk about the incident in the clip above. How adorable.

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[via First Coast News]