Parents have a lot on their minds. So you'll have to excuse them for being forgetful every now and then. But we have to ask: Why the hell are so many parents "forgetting" their kids in their cars these days?

Last week, we told you about a Colorado man who left a sleeping 1-year-old boy in a locked car for a few minutes. That man came back and realized that his car had been towed and had to call the police and explain that the young boy had been towed along with it. And on Thursday night, a Seattle, Wash. man had a similar experience. He was supposed to drop his baby daughter off at day care on Thursday morning. But he forgot to do it and ended up leaving her all alone in the backseat of his Nissan Sentra for more than eight hours while he went to work. The girl was OK. But still, what gives, dad?!

The man, later identified as Matt Steele, wasn't charged with a crime for leaving his daughter in the car by herself. However, he would have been in big trouble if anything had happened to the girl. So please, parents, stop leaving your kids in cars by themselves! We know you've got a lot going on and that you're going to forget some things. But don't let one of those things be your kids.

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[via New York Daily News]