Some say she keeps her pills in a box with little painted flowers on it, and that her bathroom smells strongly of rose water; all we know is, she's called the stig.

We really want to know more about what's going on here. Why is this little old lady doing her shopping in a Nissan GT-R? We've spent time with one, and while the performance is awesome, the wooden suspension makes imperfections in the road that would otherwise go unnoticed feel like craters and mis-placed mountains. This is not a trait that most people over a certain age seem to like very much. 

Regardless, here she is picking up some groceries in Godzilla, being the kind of old person we can olny hope we turn into. There is a precedent for this as well: a friend's grandmother once told me that she likes to do 130 mph in her WRX driving up from Florida, because she's awesome.


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[via Auto Evolution